What Makes an Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle So Special?

February 16th, 2017 by

The Acura Certified Pre-Owned program represents an ideal way to drive home in a model that combines the price of used vehicle with the prestige of new one. Each model selected for the Acura Certified Pre-Owned program is minutely inspected and reviewed to find even the slightest flaw, and nothing that fails to meet Acura’s exacting standards makes the cut. Here’s everything you need to know about the tough selection process each model is put through and the fantastic benefits they provide as a result.

Elite Standards

In order for a vehicle to even be considered for the Acura Certified Pre-Owned program, it needs to live up to a very exacting set of standards. To ensure that only the finest models make the cut, Acura stipulates that only those under six years of age with fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer will be considered. After a vehicle has made the cut, it progresses to the exhaustive 182-point vehicle inspection.

182-Point Vehicle Inspection

Acura Certified Pre-Owned 182-pt Inspection

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Since an Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is expected to live up to extremely high expectations, each model needs to go through a comprehensive 182-point inspection.

A highly-trained and experienced Acura technician will go over virtually every last mechanical system, then make sure the appearance is exceptional and the fittings as they should be. All placements of the Vehicle Identification Number are inspected to ensure that VIN plates match, and a Vehicle History Report review is carried out to check for any unusual maintenance work.

Ongoing Coverage

The Certified Pre-Owned Acura you drive home will boast the same high standards and reliability of a brand-new model, and you’ll continue benefiting from the Certified Pre-Owned program well after you leave the showroom.

You’ll be able to count on the assistance of Acura-certified technicians in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong. Why? Because the extensive Roadside Assistance program is going to have your back. Enjoy a 12-month/12,000-mile Certified Limited Warranty on top of the original 48 months/50,000 miles of coverage; you’ll also get powertrain coverage for up to 7 years/100,000 total odometer miles.

Each model also comes with:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • New Car Warranty Manual
  • Certified Warranty booklet
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Maintenance Code

Want to Hear More About the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Program?

Whether you want to turn heads across Westmont and Plainfield or commute daily from Naperville, Aurora, or Wheaton into the city without worrying about reliability, an Acura Certified Pre-Owned model offers the benefits you need. To find out more, simply contact Continental Acura of Naperville today.