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Facebook Jun 21, 2018

We have recently purchased our 4th Acura MDX from Continental Acura; all with the assistance of Greg Pew. We have been completely pleased with the quality of these cars; but even more so with the service and follow up post purchase. Greg has been a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the vehicles and attention to detail in helping us set up all the electronics and making sure all our questions are answered has been the major reason we keep coming back to Continental. As ...example last summer he promptly returned our call and thoroughly answered our questions about towing capacity on our 2 year old MDX. During our recent MDX shopping experience, he generously offered and provided me a ride home from the dealership so I could go to work while my wife finished some paperwork. Very positive experience all around, and every time. Also follow care with the service department has always been excellent. See More

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Google Jun 14, 2018

I like the way I was kept informed. Nice job.

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Google Jun 14, 2018

Wish all businesses were run as well as this dealership! They deliver every time, on time! Will continue to purchase and service at Continental!

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